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The staff of Shearer-Richardson are committed in performing a service to our community and surrounding areas that would promote excellence, dedication, accountibility and to exceed expectations of those we serve.

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Why choose us?

My mother was a resident for several years, and my whole family was more than pleased with the care she received. The staff was good to keep in contact with me whenever there were any concerns. My aunt later went in Shearer Richardson. My family was comfortable having the staff there care for our loved ones.

Carnell J

My father was a resident in SRMNH and my sister and I were so pleased with his care. He was a very difficult person to deal with but staff was able to meet his needs and he was very attached to several. I will never regret entrusting his care to this facility. In my book they are the best in this area.

Elaine B

My mom had a home at Shearer Richardson for several years. I can say everything was not perfect but what in life is. She could not have had a better place to live at that time in her life. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. Since she could not be at home because of her health, I and my family would not have had her any other place.

Becky Z

I came to live here in early 2020, due to not being able to take care of myself. My family still needed to work so they were not able to stay home with me and we felt this was the place to come. The staff have always been very thoughtful and kind to me. I enjoy the daily activities and that my family can visit anytime they want.

Mabelene G

I think we have the best physical therapy around. I get good treatment with 3 great meals a day plus all the snacks I want. I love it here.

Janice M

I am very grateful and blessed to be here. They help to keep me and my room clean. Have plenty of good food and provide medical care when I need it. Of course the activities are great as well! Okolona is very fortunate to have Shearer Richardson in our community. They treat both the residents and visitors with respect. I’ve had a long relationship with this facility even though I’ve only been here for 5 months. I served on Okolona’s City Council for 25 years and had placed my mother in Shearer Richardson’s care many years ago. As a family member I never regretted her stay here and if she was alive she would tell you the same thing. There are not enough words to express my gratitude to the staff of Shearer Richardson and the care they gave to my mother and now me. My wife volunteered at this facility for 35 years and provided beauty shop services to many of its ladies. She always says she got more from this facility than she ever gave.

David M

I chose to live at Shearer Richardson years ago while visiting with our church group. I witnessed the care given by our staff, activities that were provided and felt like this is a place I could live when I got to where I couldn’t care for myself. I’ve been here for 8 years and serve as the president of our Resident Counsel Group. This group allows us to share ideas and offer suggestions to the facility about programs and services.

Dell M

Mom loves this place. The nurses take wonderful care of her. My thinking is if Mom is happy, I’m happy. I would highly recommend Shearer Richardson to anyone. Mom’s room is always clean and the food is great.

Wanda H Daughter of Dell M